The World is Big, Round and Full of Lizards

Please do not read this mother

….Reptiles dressed up in human costumes, conscious without consciousness. The only horror in the men in black franchise is that, in reality, these freaks don’t morph into 60ft fanged worms. Somehow that would make things better. Maybe one day, stripped of all identifying characteristics (of which there are few enough already) they’ll be seen for who they are: empty little hermit shells clothed in fashions latest monotonous offering.

“I live in a city but I,

Belong in the fields”

Stokes front man and pretentious city dwelling tosser: Julian Casablancas

Where the fuck did he get that from? Maybe with a $500 haircut and a leather jacket I’d get away with such bare faced hypocrisy. The absence of clamouring hipsters outside of New York would be the stake through his cold dead heart. Who made him ‘unearthly cool’ anyway? NME? They’d hype a living breathing turd if they thought it would…

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